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MKF BR 320 Textile Cutting Machine

Learn about the new MKF BR 320
an automatic Textile Cutting Machine by MEEVO MKF

With an innovative system of 8 easily adjustable longitudinal cut blades - Easy-Adjust System - and 1 cross cutting blade with laser sighting, the MKF BR 320 ensures an above the average productivity. The textile feeder is controlled by a photocell that corrects the cut alignment in real time, aided by the system of support for unwinding, which controls the speed and stabilizes the textile during the process. The Reco-Tray (drawer collector of cut pieces) is automatically driven and ensures that all production is protected. The control panel console has a 7 inch colour touch screen, with easy interpretation and rapid learning menus.

Key Features
.Robust roll feeding system
.Reco-Tray - Drawer for collecting cut panels
.Easy-Adjust System - Easily adjustable longitudinal blades
.Automatic alignment correction
.Cross cutting with laser sighting
.Low maintenance

.User friendly - easy to operate
.High reliability
.Productivity improvement
.Great stability of cut
.Cuts several types of textiles and other materials



MKF BR 320 im Einsatz